Supporting local environmental and conservation initiatives to preserve the Mallorca's exceptional natural beauty for generations to come.

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Our mission is to preserve the beauty and high environmental quality of Mallorca. Supporting local initiatives focused on preserving and protecting the marine and terrestrial environment, promoting environmental education and sustainable development.


Our vision is to create a sustainable future for Mallorca, where the natural environment is protected and preserved and where the local community thrives in harmony with the environment.

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With the release of our 2023 annual report, Mallorca Preservation's financial information is now available. We are delighted to announce that we allocated over €300,000 to environmental conservation projects in 2023, continuing the foundation's growth trend. This success enhances our ability to support and promote initiatives aimed at improving Mallorca's environment.

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The Conservation Collective comprises a global network of locally-focused environmental foundations, emerging from the natural instinct of all people to protect what they love. The Conservation Collective facilitates funding for the most effective grassroots environmental initiatives, with world-class oversight, management and programme aid.


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