Get Involved

There are a number of environmental entities in Mallorca that are doing important environmental conservation work, but they need our support. With your help, Mallorca can maintain and improve its astounding beauty and also become an example of the sustainable management of the islands.

There are a number of ways individuals, businesses and organisations can support our work. Therefore, if you’d like to support us in any way, please contact: or:


Mallorca offers us an abundance of natural beauty, crystal clear seas, wild coastlines, mosaic landscapes, cultural traditions etc… Therefore, let’s work together to give back and protect this unique island we all love so much.

Fundraise for us

It is essential for the MAPF to keep raising funds in order to be able to continue to support more local projects and therefore we always appreciate people fundraising for us. This can be done by organising any kind of fundraising event, party, activity or wedding gift.

Volunteer for us

If you are passionate about the environment and have the time to dedicate to its care, take part in our volunteer programme. Collaborate with us participating in environmental field activities or support the MAPF team in the development of their tasks, projects and events.

Revenue sharing

If your business would like to collaborate and support the MAPF there are many ways to do so and we are always happy to listen to new ideas. One way is for restaurants to participate in a scheme where customers are asked to have one euro added to their bill in support of MAPF.

Offer services

A great way of ensuring we keep our costs to the minimum is to reduce the amount spent on operating costs, therefore any support offered to help covers costs such as free printing, granting of special equipment, sponsorship in kind, provision of advertising/media services, translation services etc. is very much appreciated.


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