Area of Interest

Ecological Agriculture

Cultural Heritage, Forests, Sustainable Agriculture & Land Stewardship

Soil is an invaluable natural resource that sustains life and prosperity. As such, we prioritize the support of local and sustainable agriculture, a vital practice that not only shapes our environment but also enriches society with its cultural, culinary, and eco-friendly benefits.

Among all industries, agriculture stands out for its potential to shift from a CO2 emitter to a net CO2 sequestrator, by capturing and storing carbon in the soil. Thus, we are committed to promoting the transition to regenerative agriculture, making it a nature-based solution to combat climate change.

Agriculture is not just about food production, but also about safeguarding cultural heritage. It needs the support of the local community to survive and flourish. Through our collective efforts, we can ensure that this way of life will endure for future generations. 

Grant criteria overview

WHO: Local non-profit organizations, associations, clubs or unions, social cooperative enterprises and/or other local bodies, including research centers, are highly recommended to apply for grants.

Non-local applicants, already active in the area or experts, can be also eligible for grants and strategic partnerships, if they prove that they can offer capacity building to the locals and/or tangible impact through their work on the ground.

The applicants must display strong and effective leadership and emphasize on integrated bottom-up approach, by consulting with, mobilizing and involving local communities and demonstrate positive community impact.

WHAT: Applications for funding from the MAPF should fit into one of the Fund’s key focus areas as well as the MAPF preferred types of projects.

The proposed projects shall be clear and compelling, with the objective to create measurable and sustainable long-term results, build capacity and encourage participation by the local society.

Ideally, the proposed activities shall be sufficiently visible to leverage additional support from other funding sources.

WHERE: The MAPF encourages the implementation of projects in Mallorca. Projects with opportunities for replicability will be prioritized.

How to apply

All applicants need to complete and send our application form. In case of approval by the SC members, the grantee will need to sign a Grant Agreement with specific terms of the collaboration. Please download the application or fill in the online application form below

If you have any questions please contact


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