Ecological Agriculture


22.478€ awarded

Plastic pollution is a major challenge that affects all of humanity. In the past few decades, plastic has been utilised in agriculture as a tool for enhancing crop production. In the process of mulching, plastic is used to cover soil around plants to create optimal growing conditions. However, when the plastic mulch is removed, it fragments into small particles and microplastics that remain in the soil.

In response, Mallorca Preservation has teamed up with APAEMA‘s organic horticulturists to promote the use of alternative, environmentally-friendly solutions. The organization has signed a partnership agreement to gradually replace plastic mulch with biodegradable film made from potato starch. Mallorca Preservation has financed a portion of the cost of this alternative material, reducing the initial price by 43.4%.

Through the project, 19 organic farms have been supported in their transition away from conventional plastic mulch. In total, these farms have replaced over 545 kilometers of plastic mulch for a biodegradable and GM-free film. The success of the project has led many farmers to pledge to never use traditional plastic mulch again. 


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