The Booted Eagle

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The Booted Eagle (Hieraaetus pennatus) is an internationally protected species, though its "Least Concern" status by the IUCN may be misleading due to potential overestimation of its population, notably in Spain. Recent census data from Mallorca recorded 190 territories inhabited by the species, underscoring the necessity for more accurate population estimates. Effective habitat management, encompassing nesting and hunting grounds, is imperative for its conservation.

The problem
The Booted Eagle confronts various threats, including high mortality rates among juveniles, intensified land utilization, electrocution, persecution, and habitat degradation. Particularly concerning is the alarming 50% mortality rate among young eagles within their first year. Furthermore, being migratory, the species faces perils during migration, such as direct persecution in sub-Saharan nations and adverse impacts of climate change.


  • Health and Biometry Analysis and Monitoring: Conduct biometry and plumage analysis of Booted Eagle chicks during nest management in Mallorca, and monitor for emerging diseases (West Nile, Avian Influenza, Newcastle disease).
  • Study of Behavior and Territory Utilization: Determine the extent of territorial activity and analyze territory usage based on sex and age, including variations by sex, time of day, and migratory patterns. Additionally, explore the concept of philopatry within the species.
  • Characterization of Migration and Mortality: Identify migratory routes and wintering grounds, detail migratory patterns (timing, duration, distances, speed, etc.), and assess primary causes of mortality. Gather data on the age of first reproduction and natal dispersal.

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