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 Building a future for black vultures. The construction of an adaptive cage.

Black vultures (Aegypius monachus) are a vulnerable species that has seen a population growth on Mallorca due to conservation efforts. However, young vultures can become disoriented and face accidents while learning to fly. The FVSM (Mediterranean Wild Life Foundation) and COFIB (Balearic Wildlife Recovery Consortium) work together to recover and release these birds into the wild when possible.


The goal of this project is to improve the survival chances of young black vultures by providing them with an environment to adapt and strengthen their wings prior to release. This will be achieved through the construction of an adaptive cage.



The cage will imitate the natural habitat of the black vultures and will be located in a secluded area. It will include elements that encourage the birds to exercise their wings and become familiar with the environment. The FVSM will oversee the cage’s operation to ensure optimal conditions for the vultures’ adaptation, monitor their health and progress, and release them when ready.



The construction of the cage will be funded by MAPF.


This project will give black vultures a better chance at survival by allowing them to adapt before release. It will contribute to the conservation and recovery of this vulnerable species on Mallorca. 

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