Why join as a Mallorca Preservation Ambassador?


21 February 2024

Why join as a Mallorca Preservation Ambassador?

 Become a Mallorca Preservation ambassador for your business

Join us in our mission to preserve the beauty and environmental quality of Mallorca by becoming a Mallorca Preservation ambassador. If you are a company committed to sustainability and care for the environment, your participation is essential to protect our home.

Why join as a Mallorca Preservation Ambassador?

  • Positive impact: Contribute directly to conservation and environmental regeneration projects on the island.
  • Corporate Responsibility: Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and environmental protection.
  • Visibility and recognition: Stand out as a leading company in conservation and social responsibility initiatives.
  • Collaboration: Join a network of like-minded companies and collaborate on projects.
  • Engage: Onboard your team and clients in a wonderful journey to protect our local environment, a meaningful venture that creates complicity and love.

By joining Mallorca Preservation you will be contributing towards Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations

By joining our ambassador programme, we will include your logo on our website. In addition, we will invite you to join an exclusive group where we work closely with our ambassadors to provide support and connections.
How to get involved

  1. Contact us: Send us an email to ana@mallorcapreservation.org expressing your interest in becoming a Mallorca Preservation ambassador.
  2. Choose your ambassador category: Silver, Gold and Platinum. If you are a small business, we understand that you can support us with smaller amounts – any effort is good to do your bit for the island!
  3. Joint impact: Together, we make a difference. By joining as a Mallorca Preservation ambassador, you actively contribute to creating a sustainable future for Mallorca, protecting its natural environment and promoting the prosperity of the local community in harmony with the environment. Read our 5 years report here.

Join us and make your company part of the change towards a greener Mallorca!


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