9 February 2022


Organic agriculture is booming. This is the result of the diagnosis of the organic farming sector in the Balearic Islands carried out by the Associació de Productors d’Agricultura Ecològica de Mallorca (APAEMA) on behalf of the Government – a study that has provided very interesting data showing the rising trend of this type of agriculture on the Islands.

Nearly 40,000 hectares are already cultivated organically, which represents 16% of the useful agricultural surface area. In Mallorca, it amounts to 17.9%. The most important crops are almonds, carob, grapes and olives, which already account for 20% of the total production of the entire agricultural sector. In Mallorca, between producers and processors, there are 781 operators.

The technical director of APAEMA, Nofre Fullana, explained that “if we continue at this rate, we will easily reach the goal set by Europe for the year 2030: that the useful agricultural surface area in organic farming should be 25 percent”.

To achieve the objectives set, public support is needed to consume local and organic products.

Font: Dignosi de la producció agrària ecològica de les Illes Balears (2021).

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