8 January 2024


🐬 How many bottlenose dolphins inhabit Cabrera National Park? How underwater noise affects them, especially during the tourist season?

These are some of the questions that lead us to support the project "Delfines de Cabrera" . Cabrera National Park stands as a marine refuge of unparalleled biodiversity. Despite this, we still have much to discover about its residents, especially the bottlenose dolphin.

With this project, we will delve into the depths of Cabrera to understand how underwater noise, generated mainly by boats, affects these magnificent cetaceans. It is precisely their unique whistling, one of the most remarkable characteristics of the bottlenose dolphin and vital for their communication, which could be affected by these external noises.

🔊 To shed light on our questions, the Tursiops Association with the support of Mallorca Preservation will install specialized hydrophones in different points of the park. These devices will allow us to record and study the sounds produced by the dolphins, offering us a unique perspective of their environment.

The "Cabrera Dolphins" project not only seeks to expand our knowledge about these cetaceans, but also to raise awareness about the importance of protecting their habitat. We encourage you to follow the news and findings that, with the help of the Tursiops team, we will reveal during the development of the project.


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