Wetands in Action

25.000€ awarded


The "Wetlands in Action" project, an initiative by WWF, aims to combat the degradation of wetlands in the Balearic Islands. The project focuses on restoring priority wetlands, fostering collaboration among various stakeholders, and raising public awareness about the importance of these ecosystems. Through conferences, studies, events, field actions, and environmental awareness campaigns, the project seeks to promote wetland conservation. It aims to establish collaborative working networks involving government bodies, NGOs, municipalities, and research centers.


The wetlands of the Balearic Islands are experiencing significant degradation due to urban development, overexploitation, water pollution, and climate change, resulting in the substantial loss of these natural habitats.


  • Promote the conservation and restoration of wetlands in Mallorca and other islands, including identifying and restoring priority wetlands.
  • Restore the structure and function of degraded wetlands by removing invasive species, recreating natural habitats, and improving water quality.
  • Foster collaborative networks for wetland conservation and restoration, involving governmental entities, NGOs, municipalities, research centers, and companies.
  • Develop dissemination, participation, and environmental awareness activities, promoting governance, institutional cooperation, and citizen involvement in the conservation and restoration of wetlands.

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