10.000€ awarded


The Son Torrella forest management project in the Serra de Tramuntana in Mallorca aims to address various threats, including the abandonment of traditional agricultural practices, which negatively impact the landscape and biodiversity. Tramuntana XXI, in collaboration with Mallorca Preservation, has launched this demonstration project, involving silvicultural work, pest control, and the planting of holm oak trees. The Son Torrella estate, located at the highest point in Mallorca, serves as a model for active and sustainable conservation of holm oak forests.

The Problem

The Serra de Tramuntana faces several challenges, including the abandonment of mountain farms, resulting in erosion, biodiversity loss, increased fire risk, and other detrimental impacts. Holm oak groves, classified as a Natural Area of Special Interest, are also declining due to climate change and forest pests, such as the proliferation of wild goats. The regression of holm oak forests and the lack of forest management pose a threat to the ecosystem’s equilibrium.


Tramuntana XXI, in collaboration with Fundació de Iniciatives del Mediterràni and Mallorca Preservation, has established the Son Torrella forest management project. Tramuntana XXI focuses on preserving the natural and cultural values of the Serra de Tramuntana, based on knowledge and consensus among stakeholders. The partnership with the estate owner, along with the support from the Forest Management Service of the Balearic Government and the company HotelBeds, strengthens this initiative.


  • Address the regression of holm oak groves in the Serra de Tramuntana.
  • Prevent forest fires in the region.
  • Control forest pests, including the capricorn beetle.
  • Promote sustainable forest management practices in the area.
  • Raise awareness of the project’s activities and encourage their replication in other natural areas.
  • Enhance the prominence of initiatives and foster their emulation across diverse natural landscapes.



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