Ecological Agriculture


15.300€ awarded


This project aims to implement plant health warning stations in Mallorca to enhance sanitary management and optimize resource utilization in organic farming. The increasing popularity of organic farming in the region indicates significant potential for agricultural transformation, but it faces challenges such as fungal diseases and restrictions on product usage. The proposed solution involves the establishment of a health warning system and a water control system, leveraging predictive models and soil monitoring tools. The expected outcomes include reduced treatment usage, water conservation, decreased CO2 emissions, and increased production.

The Problem

Organic farming in Mallorca encounters various issues, primarily the emergence of fungal diseases in crops like olives, vines, and orchards, as well as limitations imposed by regulations, particularly concerning the use of copper-based products. Moreover, climate change has intensified water scarcity in the Mediterranean region, directly impacting agriculture and necessitating improved efficiency in water management.


The collaboration between APAEMA (Association of Agroecological Producers of Mallorca) and the Mallorca Preservation Foundation has been instrumental in implementing this project, demonstrating a shared commitment to the development of the ecological sector in Mallorca. The Foundation has provided vital financial support, contributing €15,300 over the next three years. Together, we strive to promote efficiency and professionalisation in organic farming on the island.


  • Implement a health warning system based on predictive models to effectively control pests and diseases.
  • Develop a water control system to optimise water consumption on farms.
  • Enhance health management practices in organic farming.
  • Reduce the reliance on treatments, particularly those containing copper.
  • Conserve water resources and decrease the water footprint of crops.
  • Minimise CO2 emissions associated with tractor usage.
  • Increase agricultural production by 10% to 25%.
  • Establish organic farming as a benchmark in health management and efficient water utilisation.



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