Plastic Free Mallorca

18.600€ awarded


The main objective of the "Plastic Free Mallorca" project is to significantly reduce the use of plastics on the island, through various initiatives ranging from agriculture to education and community involvement. This initiative seeks not only to address the environmental impact of plastic, but also to encourage more sustainable practices in all sectors of the community.

The Problem

Plastic pollution is a growing problem in Mallorca, affecting wildlife, soil quality, water and health. Specifically in agriculture, the widespread use of plastics for various purposes (mulching, greenhouses, packaging) contributes significantly to the volume of waste harmful to our environment. 


To conduct a comprehensive analysis of the use of plastic in agriculture, assessing its environmental impact and exploring viable solutions.
Implement alternative solutions to the use of plastics in agriculture, highlighting the use of biofilms and other innovative technologies.
Continue and expand environmental education initiatives by raising awareness of plastics-related problems among young people through activities in schools.
Consolidate educational activities and increase the participation of schools and universities in the programme.
Organise regular clean-up activities on beaches, streams, wetlands and other areas affected by plastic pollution.
Encourage greater business and community awareness and action on waste management and reduction of plastic use.


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