Birds population of the Balearic Islands is around 400 species. Given the importance of this rich biodiversity in Balearic Islands, and the special conservation status of some of these species have, the consciousness among the population is very important. If the Balearic society is proud of this richness, its preservation is guaranteed. However, most of the people are not aware about the treasure hidden in Mallorca’s nature, therefore our duty is to show them this richness. 

Bonellis eagle
The goal of this project, leaded by Virot Association (the local group of Seo/Birdlife) and supported by the MAPF, is to teach people how can observe, recognize and enjoy birds. In addition, they are going to work together with Tramuntana farmers, which is one of the most important collective, whose activity could be directly related with birds conservation, in order to preserve some of the most threatened species. 

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