Bee project

4250000 bees found a home since January 2020

Rettet die Bienen

We are pleased to announce ‘Project B’, our new initiative to help increase the bee population of Mallorca. As the decline in global bee population is mainly caused by pesticide use and habitat loss, our main objective is to focus on providing more ‘homes’ for bees in an optimal and healthy environment.

We are connecting private landowners with professional beekeepers who offer a service of breeding, maintenance, sustainable honey extraction and individualised package design of homegrown honey. This has proven to be a win-win situation: the landowners effortlessly help the environment whilst enjoying some homegrown honey and bees are given new, healthy habitats to live in.

Project B has been very well received so far and we have found a ‘home’ for around half a million bees since January 2021. Please see the ‘Bee Counter’ on our website to follow the numbers.

Looking forward, we would also like to explore ways to support a bee education centre on the island and find ways to promote beekeeping as a job by making it more attractive for future generations.